Friday, November 11, 2022

A Pair Gilt and Gesso Mirrors, in the French Style

Pair of America Antique Gold Leaf Mirrors

A lovely pair of mirrors in the French style. Square with concave form framing, with corner garlands of sunflowers and peony or rose flowers with foliates. Classical fluting on the concave section of the frame that terminates to floral strapwork on the edges. 

Constructed of wood, plaster, and gold leaf. 
American, likely 1930's

Heavy in weight - 30 pounds each, with French cleat and iron hanger hardware on back. The cleats are easy to move - horizontal or vertical, due to the wooden backs.

Condition: Good, with some loses to the plaster work, in some places this has been covered with gold paint. No major loses to corner florals and garland. 

Price: $1,500.00 (plus tax)

Delivery: COST TBD 

Local delivery (fee based upon location) or free pick up encouraged. These can not be shipped by box. If not local Washington, DC area, these would transport by truck. 

For inquiries and questions, please email us 

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